AJ Duke is a singer-songwriter from the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Bringing to life inspiration from heroes and extraordinary people around the world, AJ's passion is to bring hope and change through her music. AJ's soulful voice and dynamic sound create a storytelling experience that takes the listener on a journey into the heart of each song. A humble and adventurous musician, AJ's favorite spotlight will always be given by a campfire.


AJ sees her life as a series of stories. From an early age, her songwriting has been her calling, writing her first song at the age of 7. Instead of keeping a journal or diary, AJ created songs describing her experiences and what she saw around her. Stories of adventure, the outdoors, and learning about love and life filled her songbook. This practice fueled her passion and development as a storyteller.  At 15, she picked up a guitar and taught herself how to play, finally threading her stories and melodies into song. 


Feeling like her story has always been set to song, AJ later found and fell in love with worship music. In her early twenties, she led worship with various teams as she moved for college and work. It was then that she began to understand the profound effects that music can have on the soul.

During her marriage to a soldier in the U.S. Army, she was thrown into an entirely different lifestyle that she had no clue about. The flood of experiences, both wonderful and heartbreaking, challenged and inspired her to continue writing. During this time, her songs became her outlet as she dealt with the many trials and joys of being a part of the military family. To this day, she says the strongest people she has met have been those in the military. Not just the soldiers, but the families behind them. Her passion grew as she started to tell of the stories that would never be told, the heroes that would never be known, and the families that stood beside them.


AJ has seen firsthand that music can bring healing and hope. After seeing the healing effect that her song, Soldier’s Heart, had on a guarded, broken Vietnam Vet in Fayetteville, NC, she decided it was time to share her music, not for her sake, but for the sake of having more stories like that happen. She is now on a journey to discover and tell the stories of incredible people, to explore the depths of overcoming hardship, and bring music to the world that inspires freedom and hope.


AJ enjoys an adventurous life. When she isn’t writing new music, you can find her writing for various blogs, performing her music, leading worship, or sharing inspirational and motivational stories with people around the world.  

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